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Complete the Sports Sign Up Form below to register your interest in all sports being offered through Long Bay College. Please make sure you complete all sections.
By completing this form the information gathered gives our Sport Department/Teacher In Charge of your sport, a database of participating numbers, what year group/age groups, genders etc. Completion of this form DOES NOT automatically place you in a team. Please follow the instructions given to you i.e. attend trials, meetings, contact the TIC or come in to the Sport Department for further information. Please keep an eye out on the student notices and respond to any call slips issued.

Please note: In the Date of Birth field, the Year dropdown menu only displays 10 years at a time. To access years prior to 2007, first select 2007 in the dropdown, then click back into the year – the next 10 years should then be available from the dropdown, ie from 1997 to 2007. Thank you

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