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Please complete this form by giving full details of the sporting achievement. Please include proper tournament names, event names and full website addresses where the information can be verified. Give as much detail as you can in the comment box. Failure to comply giving full details, may hinder acknowledgement of your sporting achievements at Sports Awards.

There are four types of Representative categories:

  1. Secondary Schools Representation – where a student represents Long Bay College at a National event as an individual
  2. Regional Representation – where a student represents their region e.g. North Harbour, Waitakere, Auckland etc.
  3. Individual Representation- Where a student competes at a National competition placing 1st, 2nd or 3rd
  4. New Zealand Representation – where a student represents New Zealand (please state how you were selected to represent NZ ie trialled for a team, qualified from a national event etc)

Important Notes:

To be considered as a Representative students must be selected as an active competitor and they must take the field of play. A squad member, training partner, development player, trialist, non-travelling reserve etc will not be considered.

If you wish to provide photos of the student's achievements, please upload below. Please note that these images may be used in school newsletters.

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