After more than 100 days in Auckland I am sure that this trip to New Zealand was the best experience of my life so far.

When I arrived in New Zealand I was pretty excited to see my host family for the first time. My host family is very nice and made it easy for me to feel comfortable in this new environment. My time at Long Bay College was great, I got to know many new people, Kiwis and International students from all over the world. Some subjects like Business Studies or Cooking have been very interesting because I never had them before, but chemistry still is boring as well as in Germany. Auckland is an interesting and unique city. It's a world city where you can't find many skyscrapers, it's rather an amazing green city with a stunning landscape and beautiful beaches. But if u sometimes need a bit the feeling of big city life u just can go to the city and u're in a world with stores and restaurants. That's a great variety! I really enjoy it to live in Auckland just to the public transport I first didn't get used to. The weather actually is different to it in Germany. The sun is much more powerful and the weather changes from one minute to the other from rain to sum and cold to warm. One weekend I went with my host parents to Rotorua. After I got used to the smell of Sulphur I enjoyed these 3 days so much. We've been in a few parks with geysers and little lakes full of natural chemical substances. We also have done water rafting, have seen Kiwi birds and a lot more!

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