The Long Bay College ADP aims to support, nurture and motivate outstanding athletes for both the school and or the North Harbour region and beyond. Athletes join the program through a variety of routes and are assisted in their chosen activity development to attain their ultimate goal. Every athlete will be exposed to a programme of sporting development and body management, balanced against his or her life goals. This will provide the necessary structure for each player to maximize their personal potential.

Components such as strength and conditioning, sports medicine, physiology, psychology and nutrition form an integral part of the programme, these components provide the best care and development opportunities for all athletes.

The following are the Key Objectives of the LBC ADP:

  • To enhance the attractiveness of LBC ADP to primary level athletes to ensure they see the value and opportunities of starting their high school life at LBC.

  • To provide the highest standards to instruction, fitness training, team performances, in line with the North Harbour Sport structures, which lead to a greater visibility and exposure of those athletes at representative levels.

  • To provide for the highest level of fitness development with a sound knowledge of optimum nutrition advice, Injury prevention and management, together with recovery modalities complement the work done on fitness and nutrition.

  • To provide for a high level of technical, tactical and psychological skill development that supports North Harbour and New Zealand methods in raising the standard of the game.

  • To provide an individual development programme for athletes based on strengths, weaknesses and skill deficits analysis through prioritised goal setting and one-to-one assistance.

  • To offer supervision and feedback that will motivate and encourage the athlete to maximise their development and achieve performance goals.

  • To create an atmosphere conducive to personal development in terms of responsibility for time management, planning, organisation and control.


Any prospective student wanting to join the LBC ADP is required to do the following:

Provide a Sporting CV outlining; their previous experience involvement in sport or physical activity, at least one reference should also be included. Previous experience can include playing, officiating, managing or coaching. Please include at least 2 goals you would like to achieve in your sport / physical activity one by the end of your time at Long Bay College, and one for the future.

All applicants will be required to attend a formal 10 minute panel interview, parents, family or support members are eligible to attend. This interview will provide a personal viewpoint where we can discuss your physical activity further. Things discussed may include, highs and lows of the sport/physical activity, your opinion or explanation on a sporting example, your thoughts about coaches/players in your chosen sport/physical activity.

After interviews potential candidates will be contacted and required to attend a further 45 minute practical session. Where they will be provided an opportunity to demonstrate their problem solving skills with a group of other applicants

For further information, please contact Maura Unsworth, Head of PE and Health This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Ph (09) 477 9009 ext 813.

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