Firstly I can definitely say, that the time in new Zealand was brilliant. I could not just improve my English or learning to be independent, no, I had the possibility to meet people from different cultures. We all had the same feelings about this adventure and we all managed this together. We all got good friends and we had beautiful times together at Long Bay College and on other trips.  To start with my time at LBC, I can honestly say , that every single teacher tried to help me with improving my English and getting me involved in the class.


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FrancescoI am Francesco and I am 17 years old.  I decided to come to New Zealand mostly to improve my English but also to play rugby, my favourite sport.  I am glad I have accomplished both my aims and I have had a lot of fun in the process.  The rugby team have been awesome, everybody is very nice and helpful and I have had an amazing experience playing with them here as it is different to playing rugby in Italy.  The teachers are all nice and kind and very helpful.  The staff in the International Department are so friendly and helpful.  The time has passed so quickly and I don't want to leave this beautiful country and its amazing people.  


I came to Long Bay College because I wanted to see how it is to live for one year on the other side of the world. Everything here is different: The people, the nature, the school. The subjects I did at Long Bay College are English, Painting, Dance, Cuisine Studies, Calculus, Science and Drama. 


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