Charles DSC07191aMy name is Charles and I'm from Southern Thailand and I've been at Long Bay College for one year and two months. My main reason for coming here was to improve my English. Long Bay College has excellent classes and lovely teachers, a great environment and good International Team. I studied English, Maths, Hospitality and Tourism. My favourite subject was English because I had a good teacher and she made the subject fun. 


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My name is Shobu and I'm from Japan. I've stayed in New Zealand for one and a half year. My impression and view of New Zealand is that it is an amazing and relaxing country because there are many beautiful places where people can chill out and have a fun, and friendly people in New Zealand. Therefore I love such a place as this. Next, my impression and opinion of Long Bay College is that I think it is a very good and joyful College, also it has a good academic atmosphere. 


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